Bangkok Christian College is founded on Christian principles. IT strives to nurture students to grow

physically,mentally, emotionally,socially and spiritually to become good citizense with

the knowledge and skill needed to lead a happy life society.

Physical Development

We aim to produce physically healthy students who will be valuable assets to society.

Intellectual Development

We aim to develop students' fundamental academic and vocational skills, and to hone their critical thinking ability to enhance their working lives and assist in their personal development.

Emotional Development and Social Conscience

We aim to train students to control their emotions in their everyday lives in order to be able to collaborate effectively with other members of society.

Spiritual Development

We aim to produce students who are moral and virtuous in their daily lives.

Being good, productive citizens who lead a peaceful life in society

We teach students to behave well, to have good self-discipline, and to be responsible members of society. We encourage them to be honest, generous and helpful towards other people, to be healthy both physically and mentally, and to dedicate themselves to improving the society in which they live.

The BCC Spirit

The school strives to instill in its students the following values and desirable characteristics:

1. Loyalty

2. Honesty

3. Responsibility

4. Unity